Objects with a Void

Objects with a Void is a group exhibition about voids in objects. Void is a term commonly considered useless, but in design, this often overlooked aspect plays a vital role. A bowl made by creating a void in wood, an arched bridge constructed on top of false work which becomes void upon completion...
Intentional or coincidental, voids in objects have the power to define the function and aesthetics of the objects. It's a dismissed yet integral part of design that captivates our imagination. The exhibition examines new ways of recognising the role of voids in objects through the works of 6 designers, whose work crosses peripheries of disciplines.

Paul Elliman, Gemma Holt, Max Lamb, Peter Marigold, Hiroko Shiratori and Study O Portable.

18th - 26th September 2010
2nd floor, 3 Yeoman’s Row London SW3 2AL
With kind support from Brompton Design District

Exhibition images to be added soon