Methods of Imitation

The main intention behind this exhibition is to consider the works on show as speculative reviews of objects both significant and mundane that propose new narratives for the old and familiar.
Making references, borrowing and appropriating is commonplace in design, but there seem to be moments when the new proposal changes our ideas about what the referent stands for, and what we can do with them. It is more of a perspective, and about what it could be, than an esoteric statement about what it is (or should be). It is also not a brand new view point in the history of objects. There are numerous instances, profound or trivial, that informed this project and contributed to making us think about this phenomenon and its variations, for example the notion of "ready made", or how the abundance of gold plating affects our perception of actual gold.
The work in the exhibition suggests other possibilities in man made objects than the mainstream design industry commonly offers.

Markus BergstroĢˆm & Karin Peterson, Daniel Eatock, Paul Elliman, Peter Marigold, and Study O Portable.

17th - 25th September 2011
Paper Tiger, 10-12 Exhibition Road, London SW7 2HF
With kind support from Brompton Design District

Exhibition images to be added soon