Blanks in Between

Industrial blank stocks occupy the space between a material and a product, signifying the grey area within modern manufacturing processes, an area that almost magically transforms pieces of natural world into cultural artefacts. At the same time, they represent potential for an object to be something and nothing all at once, defined largely by our intentions for what it could be, a temporary status between what it was and will be.
The exhibition discusses the idea of an object embodying possibilities, signalled by intention, through various perspectives and explores the potential of the often forgotten or hidden side of material culture.

Paul Elliman, Keith Harrison, Gemma Holt, Kieren Jones, Peter Marigold, and Study O Portable.

Exhibition booklet with contributions by Corinna Gardner and others.

14 - 22 September 2013
8A & 10 Exhibition Road, London, SW7 2HF

With kind support from Brompton Design District

Exhibition images to be added soon